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Similarities and differences of laser printing and hot stamping


Similarities and differences of laser printing and hot stamping


As we all know one of the anti-theft elements of seals is to print as customers request, for example, printing.

Laser printing and hot stamping are most common printing ways of seals. The differences are as follows:

1、Different conditions

The condition of laser printing is that laser powder needs to be added at raw material, while hot stamping does not need.

2、Different printing colors

The color of laser printing is normally black and it will be white at black products. The color of hot stamping is white.

3、Different printing effects

Letters by laser printing are unable touched but hot stamping is sank.

4、Printing sizes

Numbers, letters and logos by laser can be adjusted at customers’request, while hot stamping is fixed.

5、Printing of numbers
Serial number 0-9 can be printed by laser printing, and for hot stamping, normally 6 or 8 digits. Barcode is not normally printed by hot stamping.